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With medical billings from Portiva on your team, the future of healthcare is more efficient and effective than ever before. Portiva is a medical billing that uses advanced technology to collect patient data. Traditional and Virtual roles of Medical Assistants Medical Assistants can fill both traditional and virtual roles. One of the most essential benefits of having a reliable Clinical Medical Assistant is that it can help improve efficiency in the workplace. They must understand how to use medical billing software, submit claims electronically, track payments and denials, reconcile accounts receivable balances, follow up on unpaid claims and provide customer service for patients who have questions about their bills or payment options. Furthermore, due to the sensitive nature of patient information, high levels of discretion are essential for the assistant to maintain confidentiality at all times. Handling tasks efficiently and accurately is vital for any virtual assistant services for medical practice. Portiva's medical billing jobs provide a flexible and convenient way to work wherever you have an internet connection, making them ideal for those with other commitments. When choosing a VMA for your practice or company, it is crucial to research potential candidates thoroughly to find the best fit for your needs. It's also worth thoroughly researching potential VCMAs before any interviews or job offers are made. medical billing