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Portiva Brings Medical Documentation into the Twenty-First Century Portiva is revolutionizing medical documentation in the twenty-first century with medical billings. The Benefits of Having a Medical Charting Virtual Assistant The medical charting process is often a tedious and time-consuming task for many healthcare practices. For instance, clearly define the tasks that need to be completed and expectations around timelines and budget limits. Portiva provides tools and solutions to help healthcare organizations make the most of their medical billing data. Accuracy of Documentation Using a Virtual Assistant Documentation accuracy is essential for medical professionals, as mistakes can have serious repercussions. These cost savings is particularly beneficial for smaller organizations that may need more resources for such expenses. This includes online payment processing, automated patient statements, and management tools that streamline administrative processes such as coding accuracy and claim submissions. Medical Assistants must also complete an accredited Medical Assistant program approved by their state's Medical Board. Portiva medical billing, you will transcribe doctor-patient conversations verbatim into electronic health records (EHRs). medical billing and coding online