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Integrating Portiva into your routine can tremendously benefit administrative staff and patients. However, with so much information to process and keep track of, it can take time to stay organized and maintain accuracy. It is clear that virtual medical assistants are an invaluable tool in today’s healthcare system and offer significant benefits for providers who choose to invest in them. As such, medical billings must be highly trained to provide the best possible service for all patients. Virtual medical scribes are also able to provide real-time data entry and updates to EHRs, so that in-house medical staff can have the means to retrieve the most up-to-date information during patient visits. They should also be organized, detail-oriented and able to multitask to effectively do their job. They can also ensure all paperwork is filed correctly and in compliance with relevant regulations, helping protect the practice from potential legal issues. With proper validation, your business can be up and running with Portiva in no time! Submitting claims is the fourth and final step in setting up medical billing with Portiva. By assessing these components, Virtual Medical Administrators can determine the strengths and weaknesses of the medical office so that they can present necessary changes to increase efficiency and create a better overall experience for everyone involved. medical coding and billing