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Portiva Solutions has taken this concept one step further with its streamlined process. Furthermore, VCMAs can help reduce the paperwork clinicians need to manage by providing electronic records for patient histories and treatments and filing insurance claims in real time. By taking on the tedious tasks of data entry, a medical charting virtual assistant can help to save time and money. Here are 8 reasons why you should outsource your medical billing to Portiva: Firstly, by outsourcing to Portiva, you will gain access to their comprehensive technology platform, ensuring data entry and coding accuracy. This helps reduce errors, save time for physicians, and increase patient satisfaction. The conclusion to integrating Portiva into your practice for medical billing is that streamlining the process should be the primary focus. Many healthcare providers are now turning to Portiva to streamline their billing processes and take advantage of their cost-saving solutions. Ultimately, hiring a virtual medical charting assistant could prove beneficial financially and in terms of improving patient care. They can securely store confidential information such as medical histories, prescription orders, test results, diagnosis notes, or other essential documents in an online database for easy access by the patient and their doctor when needed. medical coding and billing