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Furthermore, virtual health assistants provide greater flexibility than hiring traditional personnel due to their remote nature. Overall, Clinical Medical Assistants provide essential services that allow healthcare facilities to operate more efficiently while enabling quality patient care. Your questions should focus on what specific clinical areas they are familiar with and any adventuresome experiences they may have had related to clinical medicine. By educating staff on the best security practices, healthcare facilities can help ensure that their virtual clinical medical assistants remain secure and compliant with industry regulations such as HIPAA and GDPR. Finally, it's essential to have a robust backup plan in place in case of unexpected software or hardware failures. Asking detailed questions about a VCMA's experience and expertise will help you better understand how well they would fit into your clinical practice. When Medical Assistants are certified, it demonstrates their dedication to being knowledgeable and proficient in providing patient care. Necessary skills Both traditional and virtual medical assistants in New York State must possess the necessary skills required for their job to be successful. medical billing and coding class