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Portiva is revolutionizing healthcare by utilizing medical billings to improve the patient experience. Portiva specializes in customized services for each practice they work with. Keep reading to learn more about the features available with a medical charting virtual assistant! The concept of a medical charting virtual assistant The concept of a virtual medical charting assistant is relatively new but is a valuable tool for medical professionals. It's also essential for virtual medical assistants to have a good understanding of the healthcare industry and the regulations governing it. Medical billings of Portiva are becoming increasingly important in the healthcare industry as they help streamline the workflow process and provide more accurate documentation. Furthermore, medical billings should have a basic understanding of insurance policies and coding regulations. Furthermore, medical assistants should be knowledgeable about medications and treatments to provide appropriate advice and instructions to their patients. Automated billing features make it easier to manage your medical practice's financials and remain compliant with industry regulations. medical billing and coding jobs