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For instance, virtual clinical medical assistants can provide clinical support more quickly than in-person visits and are available anytime or at night. As a medical provider, having access to up-to-date segmentation reports is essential to the success of your practice. These benefits make it easy to see how Portiva's medical billing service helps improve healthcare delivery while reducing costs. With this service, businesses can focus on what matters most—taking care of their patients—while knowing that their financials are in order. Having certified Medical Assistants on staff is essential for any medical practice to ensure quality medical care is provided to patients. By automating mundane tasks like appointment scheduling and filing paperwork, healthcare professionals can focus on providing quality care without worrying about administrative details or wasting time on tedious tasks. Portiva's cloud-based platform provides real-time access to critical information such as payment trends, revenue cycle insights and patient demographics, enabling providers to make more informed decisions about allocating resources. Passing this exam earns individuals the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) credential. In addition to traditional clinical medical assistants who work in offices or hospitals, virtual medical assistants are becoming increasingly popular for those needing remote assistance with their medical needs. Portiva’s medical billings perform essential duties such as taking dictations from physicians, entering data into electronic health record systems, transcribing lab results, and helping physicians with documentation. medical coding and billing certifications